Using Schibsted account as a payment provider

Schibsted account can be used as a payment provider in two main ways:

1. Schibsted account as your product catalog

Schibsted account offers a rich data model in which you can store all your products, subscriptions and bundles. These may be created through the API, or through the product administration interface in Ambassador. The benefit of this approach is that non-developers can work directly with the product catalog.

When storing your products in Schibsted account, you have access to all payment options:

  1. Fully automatic subscriptions (Schibsted account charges subscribers at appropriate times)
  2. Direct payment - for recurring payments (when not using automatic subscriptions)
  3. Paylinks - Send customers directly to checkout with one or more products
  4. Full e-commerce solution in Schibsted account, where users can choose from your product catalog and check out

2. Keeping your own product catalog

Storing products in Schibsted account is entirely optional, and you may choose not to do so, for any number of reasons. If you prefer to keep your own product catalog, you may still use two different means of charging users:

  1. Create orders directly
  2. Paylinks - Send customers directly to checkout with one or more products

Below you will find guides for implementing both paylinks and direct charge. Both of these may be used regardless of where your products are stored, but the guides presume no products stored in Schibsted account. The differences for a product catalog in Schibsted account are noted where appropriate.

With paylinks, you prepare the product(s) the user wants to buy and inform Schibsted account of the impending purchase. Schibsted account will return a URL that will take the user to the check out process for the selected products. Products may or may not be stored in Schibsted account.

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