Update profile flow

The update profile flow is used for editing your profile details. It requires a logged in user, so it will start of in the auth flow.

URL Path: /flow/profile

How it works

The profile flow can be just a single steps, or it can be more. It depends on the current state of the user, client configuration, and query parameters.

It starts with the auth flow, and then appends the following step.

  • Update profile details

It then redirects to the redirect_uri provided in the initiation.

Flow is initiated by path /flow/profile and require query parameters client_id, redirect_uri and response_type. Optional query parameter is fields, which supports the following values, in a comma seperated list:

  • full_name
  • display_name
  • gender
  • birthday
  • locale
  • address

As a shorhand, these tags include a set of fields

  • basic : full_name, display_name, gender, birthday
  • full : full_name, display_name, gender, birthday, locale, address
  • names : full_name, display_name


https://login.schibsted.com/flow/profile?fields=names,locale&client_id=345[...] https://login.schibsted.com/flow/profile?fields=full&client_id=345[...]

How it looks

User Profile flow


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