Payment method flow

This flow lets the user communicate a payment method id to you for such purposes as direct charge (where you create the orders). The user will be asked to add a new payment method or select on they have already stored in Schibsted account, and the ID will be returned to you as part of the redirect uri.

It requires a logged in user, so it will start of in the auth flow.

URL Path: /flow/payment

How it works

Flow is initiated by visiting the path /flow/payment with the required query parameters client_id, redirect_uri and response_type. The optional parameters are: methods and subscription_id.

The methods parameter determines which payment methods that should be available. Valid values can be found in the this list.


Credit card only[...]&redirect_uri=[...]&response_type=code

Credit card and SMS[...]&redirect_uri=[...]&response_type=code

Updating Schibsted account subscriptions

This flow can also be used to manage the payment method of Schibsted account subscriptions. In this case there is no need to act on the outgoing payment method id, but the subscription id (preferrably the "original subscription id") must be added as a flow start parameter (so Schibsted account will know which subscription to update) as a subscription_id parameter.



Like all Schibsted account flows, the user will, upon successful completion of the flow, be sent to the redirect_uri along with a code parameter (that must be consumed as per all flows to identify the returning user), but also with an added parameter payment_id which is id of the payment method the user selected.


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