Checkout flow

The checkout flow is used for purchase. It requires a logged in user, so it will start of in the auth flow.

URL Path: /flow/checkout

How it works

The checkout flow can be just a few steps, or it can be more. It depends on the current state of the user, client configuration, and query parameters.

It starts with the auth flow, and then appends the following steps.

  • Choose product in campaign, only shown when campaign_id is supplied, and product_id is not
  • Choose product, only shown when product_id is not supplied
  • Choose payment method
  • Enter payment details, only shown if user chooses new payment method
  • Process payment
  • Receipt, optional, default enabled

Flow is initiated by path /flow/checkout and require query parameters client_id, redirect_uri and response_type. Optional query parameters include, among others, campaign_id, product_id, cancel_redirect_uri, signup, login.

The flow automatically use the login view. This can however be overridden by appending the parameter signup=1 to the url, which will render the signup view instead.

How it looks

Client teaser and Custom CSS is applied to all of the steps. See Flows for more info.


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